Reaching Down exists to touch, teach, reach and inspire making a difference in people's lives.

We are a 501 C (3) Non-Profit Organization with a threefold purpose. To provide basic necessities for individuals in need, to provide educational training services to youth and adults in the areas of performing arts and to partner with similar organizations to help advance their programs.


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About Our Founder:

Our Founders

Tim Osterhout – CEO

Tim grew up in the small country town of Norwich, New York, where he spent many of his childhood years working on farms around his family’s home in the out skirts of town and singing in church with his mom. After graduating High School Tim joined the United States Air Force as a jet mechanic at the beginning of the Gulf War. Being an airplane mechanic had always been a dream of his since he was in the 7th grade and when our country went to war in the Middle East in 1990 Tim felt there was no better time to join.

After basic training and technical school Tim was stationed at Travis AFB in Fairfield, CA where he spent the next 7 years working on airplanes. In early 1998, after serving 8 years he decided it was time to move on and separated from the Air Force to start a construction company. He came from a long line of contractors and became the 4th generation in his family to work in the trade. When you ask Tim the question: “What made you want to leave the Air Force after 8 years and not stay till retirement?” His answer was simple, “I was bored working on jet engines.”

Being a design build contractor, Tim loved the creativity of the different projects he created and completed, quickly finding himself in a lucrative multi six-figure business. He especially loved to see the excitement on his customer’s faces when their projects were finished. His deep desire to help people and make an impact on their lives became a driving force. During his years operating his company he loved to give back to his community, whether it was donating his construction skills and money to local charity’s or his time to serve those in need. One of his most memorable charity experiences was renting a professional baseball field for an entire day for the local Babe Ruth Baseball league to host their Opening Day Ceremonies. Tim said “I will never forget the overwhelming excitement these boys expressed to me for the opportunity to play on a field of that caliber. It was worth every penny just to see that.”

Tim’s desire to make a difference in this world was always on his mind. He had a deep passion for singing and loved how songs stirred people’s emotions, especially his own. His favorite way to unwind was singing and in 2009 his passion inspired him to start an entertainment company providing Karaoke services to a local restaurant where friends and family could come and share their passions as well. His love for singing is what drew his wife Vikki to him at a New Year’s Eve party in 2009 and they married soon after on Christmas Eve 2010 in the snow-covered mountains near Yosemite. Over the next year they continued to build the entertainment company into a thriving, successful business employing a team of DJ’s providing services at multiple venues.

In 2012 Tim got more involved with out-reach organizations like Mission Solano, Neighborhood Hope Dealers, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and many more using their entertainment company as a platform to impact people’s lives. This was the beginning to the organization now called Reaching Down. Both Vikki and Tim having a heart to serve and help make a difference led them to transform the entertainment company into a non-profit organization.

Tim attributes his love for music to being a major contributing factor in the foundation of this organization, together with his desire to make a difference in the world. In 2014 Reaching Down became a 501 c (3) organization and Tim officially retired from construction to become the CEO of the corporation.