It only takes a single drop of water to create a ripple

Musician Training Partnerships:

Reaching Down partners with other organizations who have music education programs. The School Of Rock Vacaville is a great example of an organization where their program is designed to provide students with the necessary tools such as instruments and instruction through qualified instructors to master the craft. Their program provides lessons for guitar, drums, singing/vocals, keyboard and bass.

How we support these organizations is through sponsorship's, scholarships and tuition assistance. We also help students utilize their talents by way of giving them a performance platform at events we organize and produce as part of our  Community Production Support strategy.



Community Production Support:

Reaching Down has a heart for our community and for helping others. Our communities are our responsibility as the people living in them to support. We know that to help people you need people helping.  We partner with other like organizations who have a heart to help others by providing event support in ways of staging, audio/video, lighting, entertainment and much more.

Production Training:

With providing production for other organizations through stages, audio/video and lighting these are all things that need to be built or set up. We train individuals who are interested in learning these various skills like stage building and design, audio set up and mixing, video recording and editing as well as lighting set up and programming.






What We Do:

What We Do is very dear to our CEO. Tim has a deep love for music and being a musician himself he knows how music can have an everlasting effect on a person. When asking him about his love for music he replies,

"Music is in our blood and is the heartbeat of who we are.  As a child I always loved music, I loved the way it made me feel, the way it stirred my emotions and how the lyrics of certain songs would help me to express myself. I grew up listening to everything from 50’s & 60’s Doo Wop to Heavy Metal. I loved artists from all genres of music, The Commadors, Temptations, Kenny Rogers, Barry Manalow, Air Supply, Motley Crew, Scorpion and Twisted Sister just to name a few. In my teen years and young adult life I fell in love with Classic Rock-N-Roll from artists like Def Leppard, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Journey. After moving to California in 1990 I was captivated by the new country Rock-A-Billy sounds of Garth Brooks. This defined who I was as an artist and my younger musical influences shaped who I am as a well rounded musician.

Today's music is still shaping the young minds of our next generation of musicians and not always in a good way. As music in our society becomes more and more about fame, fortune and violence the younger generational song writers and artists continue to create music containing violence and vulgarity that is distorting the minds of our children. My goal is not to change music but to have a positive effect on anyone I can to guide them down a path of using their gifts for something good. Music is tremendously influential and I want to be a part of leading others to being a good influence."