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Production Training:

Stage Building -

Stage building can be simple or complex. Some locations require stage configurations to fit unique surroundings while others are pretty straight forward. From simple stages with nothing more than a platform for a single speaker to stages with backdrops and light towers to fit a 10 piece band, we build them all. In our stage building course we teach students how to build stages from simple to sophisticated. 

Audio Visual -

Audio is one of the key features during an event. From a single speaker on a stage to an entire band, how they sound is just as important if not more than their performance abilities. Also as important is for every spectator to be able to visually engage with whomever is on the stage. With the use of cameras and screens we can broadcast the action on the stage to the entire room or area. In our audio/video course we teach students how to set up, program and adjust audio settings as well as camera functions.

Stage Management -

Stage management teaches individuals how to be stage producers. Whether organizing speakers, performers or groups, the producer keeps the event running smoothly on the stage.

Lighting Design -

Lighting brings a show to life. Shows have different feels or atmospheres and changing lighting patterns and fixtures along with special effects can create that vibe. The use of fixed LED lights & strips, haze/fog/snow machines and movable LED's produces the desired outcome. 

  • PAR LED               

  • LED Bar lights

  • LED Strip lights

  • Strobes

  • Haze/Fog 

  • Snow

Programed lighting displays brings a creative dynamic to shows. 

  • Timed sequence

  • Track run sequence 


In our Lighting Design course we teach students how to set up, program and operate lights, machines and control panels.


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